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Doctor Paul Darke

Nationality: United Kingdom

Year: 1997

Subject Area: Social Sciences

Website: Visit (opens in a new window)

Dr Paul A. Darke is now an internationally respected academic, writer and cultural critic who has written and created extensively around the issue of identity and culture. He is also the originator of Normality Theory. He gained his Ph.D., under the supervision of Professor Richard Dyer, from the University of Warwick through examining disability and its cultural specificities and impact. Though born in Surrey he now works and travels throughout Europe (but is resident in Wolverhampton). He has a particular interest in Spain and Disability: inspired by his Wingate Fellowship.

As a digital artist Dr Paul A. Darke is bringing, to various art forms, new insights and exciting concepts which challenge conventional views of both art and society. Dr Darke, aged 45, is married with a son. He is currently the artistic director of the Arts Council of England funded, Outside Centre Festival to be held in Wolverhampton between October 2007 and April 2008:

More information - a full CV, examples of his work and his complete Ph.D thesis - is available on the web site