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Ms Frances Hansford

Nationality: United Kingdom

Year: 2003

Subject Area: Social Sciences

In combination with other funds, the Wingate Scholarship allowed me to undertake 9 months of fieldwork in two locations on and near a sugar-producing plantation in the Brazilian state of Pernambuco, in northeast Brazil. I gained precious field experience, learning to collect my own data amidst the practical and emotional highs and lows of lone fieldwork in a foreign country and culture. My data are both quantitative and qualitative: demographic, socio-economic, health and anthropometric data about 177 individuals residing in a random sample of 39 households; three 24-hour dietary intake recalls; household interviews to understand local food cultures and eating habits, decision-making and resource-allocation behaviour; and 2-day observations in a sub-sample of 6 households, selected for their intra-household anthropometric distributions.

I finished my fieldwork in June 2007 and am now analysing my data, using an iterative ‘sequential explanatory approach’ to integrate quantitative and qualitative data.

Photograph: Frances with children on a sugar plantation, Gameleira, state of Pernamubuco, Brazil