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Ms Vega Bermejo Castelnau

Nationality: United Kingdom

Year: 1990

Subject Area: Arts and Humanities

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My story since the Wingate Fellowship

A three month residency at Chapungu Sculpture Park, Zimbabwe in 1992-3 allowed me to centre myself in my work in the company of Zimbabwean sculptors, enjoying an entirely un-European approach to stone-carving and art. Free of traditional classical ties and contemporary conceptual restraints, I experienced a sense of creative liberation unusual outside childhood, and was able to learn from other sculptors and apply new knowledge to existing skills as well as break with stylistic habits and experiment with new forms and materials.
Subsequently I assisted residencies in Spain and California, taught at an international summer art school in Berlin, participated in a stone-carving symposium in Sheffield and completed various public art commissions.In 1997, I moved to Spain.

Sculpture: 'Tension'.