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Mr Guy Dutson

Nationality: United Kingdom

Year: 1997

Subject Area: Science and Engineering

Before my Wingate Scholarship, I worked in the British countryside but dreamt of a previous assignment in the Pacific islands. After my scholarship, I have become a conservation manager in the Pacific, pursuing my real conviction and undertaking work for which I am uniquely qualified. Wingate funded much of a yearís research into the birds of the south-west Pacific islands. On the basis of this experience and knowledge, I have been employed as a conservation manager and tour leader in the region. I established BirdLife Internationalís programme in the Pacific islands, have written papers and books, developed conservation plans and helped my Melanesian colleagues to conserve their natural environment. I have now moved to Australia to be closer to these islands and their people. I travel to Papua New Guinea for various reasons, including helping a student study the environmental impacts of different land-uses. Thank you, Wingate!