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Doctor Susan Craig-James

Nationality: Trinidad And Tobago

Year: 1995

Subject Area: Arts and Humanities

Between 1995 and 1997, I completed most of the research for the social history of Tobago for which the award was granted. The title of the work is now, 'The Changing Society of Tobago, 1838-1938: A Fractured Whole'. I was obliged to resume earning in 1997 and accepted an appointment to the Tobago Plan Team, which was responsible for formulating a Development Plan for Tobago (1998-2013).
For most of 1999, I worked on the book, but could do so only intermittently until I received a Professional Development Award from the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) in Canada, which gave me the freedom to write for seven months. By October 2002 the first draft of the whole work was written.
Again, I had to break off in order to earn. This time the project was the National Human Development Report sponsored by the United Nations Development Programme which took three years.
In October 2005, I returned to the archives to read books of wills and deeds that had recently become available as well as daily newspapers from the early 20th century on microfilm. Although time-consuming, the work was more accurate, and I gained a better understanding of Tobago society. To make the work current, I have included an Epilogue on Tobago between 1950 and 2000.

The book was published this year (2008)in two volumes with 130 photographs.
This has been a very long journey, and I am deeply grateful to the Wingate Foundation for its help along the way. Please accept my hearty congratulations on all that the Foundation has achieved.