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Doctor Andrew Hassam

Nationality: United Kingdom

Year: 1994

Subject Area: Arts and Humanities

My Wingate Scholarship enabled me to travel to Melbourne to carry out the research for No Privacy for Writing: Shipboard Diaries 18521879 (1995). I have subsequently held a number of research fellowships in Australia, and have published widely in Australian Studies, including Through Australian Eyes: Colonial Perceptions of Imperial Britain (2000). In 1998, I established the Australian Studies undergraduate programme at the University of Wales, Lampeter, and in 2006 I developed a postgraduate programme at Monash University, Melbourne. I am currently writing a study of the creation of the Whingeing Pom stereotype in post-war Australia, and researching the production of Bollywood movies in Australia, a topic on which I regularly give conference papers in India. I am an Honorary Research Associate in the School of English, Communications and Performance Studies at Monash University, and Vice-President of the International Australian Studies Association.