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Mr Patrick Guyver

Nationality: United Kingdom

Year: 1988

Subject Area: Social Sciences

I am very grateful to Wingate Scholarships for their financial support during my 18 months at Oxford University. I studied for a Masters degree in Agricultural and Developmental Economics during 1988-89 and was probably one of the first Scholars to enjoy Wingate support!
I finished my degree and went back to the Development Consultancy I had been working for before Oxford. I got married (to Rebecca, whom I had met on a dusty road in the Kerio Valley in northern Kenya), and we moved to Rome. I spent nearly two years developing my skills and knowledge on UN-run rural development programmes around the world.
In 1993 I joined Rabobank (a Dutch Agribusiness Bank) and headed up their project finance activities in South East Asia. This was an exciting time for me leading bank teams in the design and finance of large-scale agri-based Public Private Partnerships. For example I worked with Tate and Lyle on one of the first PPPs to develop large scale sugar-cane production and sugar processing facility supporting over 22,000 farmers.
In 2002 I set up Prorustica. We work at the interface between public and private institutions providing strategic guidance to the development of joint business and social development initiatives overseas. My most recent work has focused on the design and building of more sustainable supply chains for large companies sourcing raw products from the developing world.