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Doctor Katherine Holden

Nationality: United Kingdom

Year: 1996

Subject Area: Social Sciences

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My 1996 Wingate scholarship covered the first year of my post-doctoral research on the history of singleness in the mid twentieth century. The research undertaken that year was important in laying the groundwork for later publications, including a book on the history of singleness. These include:
'Family Shadows: single women' in the Family Story: Blood, Contract and Intimacy 1830-1960’, (Longman: 1999);
'Imaginary widows: spinsters, marriage and the 'lost generation' in Britain after the Great War.' Journal of Family History 30, 4, (2005);
‘Nature takes no notice of Morality": singleness, and Married Love in interwar Britain', Women's History Review, 11, 3, (2002);
'Personal costs and personal pleasures: care and the unmarried woman in interwar England' in Janet Fink (ed) Care: Personal Lives and Social Policy, (Policy Press: 2004).
My book was published by Manchester University Press in October 2007 entitled, 'The Shadow of Marriage, Singleness in England 1914-1960'.

I am very grateful to the foundation for the support I gained in my early academic career and would be glad to be included in your publication.