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Doctor Maya Arad

Nationality: Israel

Year: 1996

Subject Area: Arts and Humanities

After receiving my PhD from University College London in 1998, I spent four years in research and teaching positions at different places (Post-doctorate at MIT 1998-9, Lecturer in linguistics at Harvard 1999-2000, Post -doctorate and lecturer at the University of Geneva 2000-2002).

In 2003 I published my first fiction book in Israel, a novel in verse, which became a best seller. Since its publication I have become a full time novelist and playwright, and I teach part time at the Drama Department at Stanford. My last novel, published in Israel last summer, spent eighteen weeks on the bestseller list there. It is an academic novel, and in writing it, I definitely used the experience and insights I acquired while training as a linguist. My time at MIT was invaluable - I can say this both as a linguist and an author - and I am infinitely grateful to the Wingate foundation for its support.