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Ms Amaia Gabantxo

Nationality: Spain

Year: 2001

Subject Area: Arts and Humanities

Since 2000 my translations, reviews and short stories have appeared in Journals such as Modern Poetry in Translation, Pretext, The Atlanta Review, Metamorphoses and Transcript, as well as in the Times Literary Supplement,The Independent and in anthologies such as An Anthology of Basque Short Stories (University of Nevada Press, 2004) and Spain: A Traveler's Literary Companion (Whereabouts Press, Berkeley, California, 2004). I have translated novels such as Anjel Lertxundi's, Perfect Happiness (University of Nevada Press, 2007) and Unai Elorriaga's, Vredaman (Archipelago Books, NY, 2007) and I am currently translating Laura Mintegi's, Ecce Homo (Txalaparta, 2008). Six Basque Poets will be published by Arc in 2007. I have also written for multicultural, multimedia art projects both in England and the Basque country, and taken part in poetry festivals in London and Dublin. I will be completing my PhD at the University of East Anglia in March 2008.

I doubt any of this would have happened without the Wingate Foundation's initial encouragement and financial support. Thank you!