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Doctor Elaine Feinstein

Nationality: United Kingdom

Year: 2003

Subject Area: Arts and Humanities

My biography of Anna Akhmatova was written in two separate periods of abroad effort between 1998 and 2005 before it was published as ANNA OF ALL THE RUSSIAS by Weidenfeld. It is unlikely I could have completed the second stage of the book without the help of a grant from Wingate, which enabled me to make further trips to Moscow and St Petersburg, and to interview many of Akhmatova's close friends such as Anatoly Nayman and Yevgeny Rein, and to speak at length with Anna Kaminskaya, the grandchild of Akhmatova's third husband, who looked after the poet towards the end of her life. On the whole the book has been received generously, notably by Orlando Figes in the New York Review of Books. My book has now been published by Knopf in the States, and in several other languages, including Russian, and I have been invited to speak about the work at most of the major English Festivals and several.