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Ms Sarah Dubost-Hautefueille

Nationality: France

Year: 2003

Subject Area: Arts and Humanities

My scholarship has been very useful since without it, I would not have been able to do a Postgraduate course at the Royal College of Music.
Today, I am freelancing in orchestras and doing quite a few chamber music concerts. I wish I could play more often and with renowned orchestras, but I am still practising and hoping to get on to do and achieve some auditions.
Mainly, I teach a lot. I have 25 students this year. Some are private pupils in London and in Sussex and one day a week in a school in West Sussex. I also work a lot with children with special needs and have just been teaching on a Procorda course for the last 2 weeks with some special needs teenagers.
Last April, my boyfriend and I moved out of London to live in West Sussex (Haywards Heath) where we bought a lovely two bedroom flat. We could not really afford a nice flat in London and we had his family and lots of teaching in this area.
My years at college allowed me to be taught by a fantastic professor with whom I learnt a lot and who inspires me in my teaching. Also, I met wonderful friends and musicians whom I regularly see and play with!

Thank you very much. The Wingate Scholarship has been very special to me.