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Doctor Yvonne Harpur

Nationality: New Zealand

Year: 1996

Subject Area: Arts and Humanities

Website: Visit (opens in a new window)

The purpose of my scholarship was to prepare the fledgling stage of an internationally accessible database of scene details from tombs of the Pyramid Age of Ancient Egypt. In order to achieve this I travelled extensively in Egypt, recording details in unpublished tomb-chapels of the period. Thereafter, I spent months in academic libraries, recording details from other tombs published over the past 150 years. These activities clarified the scope of my project, and inspired me to apply for an award that would enable me to design and prepare the database and introduce a related, copiously illustrated book-series entitled 'Egypt in Miniature'. I received an Arts and Humanities Research Council award in 2003, and during the next four years, in addition to leading expeditions to Egypt for the 'Egypt in Miniature' programme, I prepared the first phase of an archaeological, bibliographical and chronological database, which is now accessible via