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Ms Louise Holloway

Nationality: United Kingdom

Year: 1996

Subject Area: Arts and Humanities

I received a Wingate scholarship in 1996 to develop a multi-disciplinary, culturally appropriate approach to raising awareness on the part of subsistence farmers in Madagascar of options to enhance the sustainability of their environmental interactions. In Masoala, NE Madagascar, representatives of communities participated in residential workshops, resulting in a performance on world environment day and a film full of folklore about actions to improve livelihoods. Local associations were formed and actions to restore natural rainforest corridors and develop more sustainable cultivation systems were facilitated. The Masoala project is used as a reference for similar subsequent projects.

In the Andasibe region, workshop participants designed a series of sketches about pertinent issues, to be used in a touring performance and as a film. I developed the Andasibe project at local community level and then embraced national and international partners. It is now a global pilot in terms of generating Kyoto compliant CO2 emissions reductions alongside biodiversity conservation and sustainable livelihoods.

I have also contributed lessons learned to several international publications. Ecosystem repair, as fundamental to human and ecosystem wellbeing, is being more widely integrated into national policies.