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Mrs Silvia Fraser

Nationality: Canada

Year: 2001

Subject Area: Arts and Humanities

Although for years, the position of pianist-coach has existed in the vocal field, the instrumental one has never achieved parity, receiving less call for the musical input, inspiration, and expertise of the vocal coach. My personal experience of expanding this role both at the Royal College and Chethamís School of Music was highly successful and mutually beneficial. Over the last four years, I have expanded the role from a background-providing accompanist into one more of a complementary teacher where one has the luxury to think of style, harmonic awareness, rhythmical accuracy and flair, rehearsal technique, and general chamber-music orientation regardless of whether the music is classed as such or not. When my students leave their school, they will enter the world of music conservatoires and later professional life carrying a distinctly different perception of a pianist; in this way I can claim a small quota of success. It is with great thanks to the Wingate Foundation that I can write these words.