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Ms Jean Findlay

Nationality: United Kingdom

Year: 2007

Subject Area: Arts and Humanities

Website: Visit (opens in a new window)

I was delighted and very grateful to have been awarded a Wingate Scholarship to continue my work on the literary biography of C.K .Scott Moncrieff (1889 - 1930) poet and translator of Proust. With my first instalment of this four year funding, I have been able already to visit the Berg Collection of English Literature at the New York Public Library to study their collection of Scott Moncrieff letters to Edward Marsh. Next month sees the first leg of my Italian research at the former residence of Harold Acton near Florence. I plan further visits to Boston, St Louis, and Berkeley, as well as nearer archives in Reading, Gloucestershire and Edinburgh. Your funding contributes to my travel expenses as well as care for my children while away, and the work would not be possible without it.