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Doctor Jerry Heng

Nationality: Malaysia

Year: 2006

Subject Area: Science and Engineering

I received a Wingate Scholarship (Sciences) in 2006, which enabled me to undertake an experimental study investigating the crystallisation of cholesterol, as part of my post-doctoral studies. I have been able to crystallise cholesterol of different crystal shapes (needles and plates) by altering crystallisation conditions; solvent, saturation including seeding. We now need to relate this information to its interfacial properties, which is thought to play a critical role in determining the crystal shape. I would certainly hope that this work open up many new directions, especially in crystallisation of biomolecules for prevention and treatment of diseases. Currently, I have a lectureship at the Department of Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London and lead the Surfaces and Particle Engineering Laboratory (SPEL, Our groupís experimental philosophy is to develop an understanding of solid performance and processing from detailed fundamental knowledge of the particle properties