The Harold Hyam Wingate Foundation
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Doctor R. Henry L. Disney

Nationality: United Kingdom

Year: 1991

Subject Area: Science and Engineering

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The Wingate Scholarship allowed me to write a review of what was then known about the natural histories of the world's scuttle flies, which exhibit a greater range of larval habits than any other family of insects. The resulting book (Scuttle Flies: The Phoridae. London, Chapman & Hall. 1994) included a key to the 229 genera then recognised and a guide to the literature required for the identification of the species in each genus. A foreword by the late Professor Sir Richard Southwood FRS, then Vice-Chancellor of the University of Oxford, commended the book and, in 1997, the University of Cambridge awarded me a Doctor of Science degree, mainly for my published contributions to our knowledge of these flies. Since the completion of the book, I have published more than 170 papers on the family, with about half being co-authored with field workers who had obtained novel biological data.