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Doctor Lúcia de Abreu

Nationality: Portugal

Year: 2006

Subject Area: Science and Engineering

The Wingate Scholarship enabled me to continue my research career in North Atlantic Palaeoceanography, even when funding for an immediate academic position did not became available. Without this assistance, I would have had to suspend my scientific research altogether. During the first year of the Wingate scholarship, I worked with the foraminiferal microfauna present in deep-sea sediments, creating several unique high-resolution stable isotope, and trace-element records which portray the high-frequency variability and sensitivity of the oceanic climate. Additionally, I have continued to publish part of my research in co-authorship with different international teams in peer-review journals, and I have presented my work at several conferences and workshops, one of which as key-note speaker. This research into the history of Earth´s climate is not yet completed and while still pursuing further funding to proceed with my academic career, I will finish all records during the second year of the Wingate scholarship and publish my findings in collaboration with both UK, Portuguese and Canadian colleagues.

The photograph is a collage explaining that I work with deep-sea sediments and in particular reconstruct palaeoceanographic and palaeoclimatic information from carbonate microfossils called foraminifera. So this collage contains 5 panels:
1) the drilling ship, 2) one of the corers, 3) what a core looks like and the time interval I am studying, 4) the main foraminifera I am analysing and finally 5) sand-size particles which were transported by drifting icebergs into the North Atlantic.