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Mr Mark Harrison

Nationality: United Kingdom

Year: 2005

Subject Area: Science and Engineering

My Wingate Scholarship was awarded in 2005 to support my PhD research studying the feeding behaviour of orang-utans in the peat swamp forests of Indonesian Borneo. The Foundation's support enabled me to complete my two years' fieldwork following wild orang-utans to collect data on their feeding habits and analyse the nutrient content of their diet, and is currently supporting me to write up my results, some of which have already been published. I wanted to conduct this research because orang-utans in peat swamp forest have barely been studied, and yet peat swamp forest contains more orang-utans than any other forest type, and so there is a real need to learn more about these orang-utans in order to conserve them. In the future, I hope to use the experience and knowledge gained through my PhD to continue studying primate ecology and to raise awareness of the plight of primate species, in the hope of improving conservation efforts and the long-term security of wild primate populations.

The photograph is of one of my study animals, Feb, an adolescent female whom I followed for many hundreds of hours through the forest!