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Doctor Zosa De Sas Kropiwnicki

Nationality: South Africa

Year: 2005

Subject Area: Social Sciences

A Wingate Scholarship enabled me to complete my doctoral thesis in International Development Studies at the University of Oxford. My dissertation was submitted in December 2006 and examined in April 2007. It was an ethnographic study of female, adolescent sexual exploitation in South Africa. On the basis of this research I was employed by Save the Children Norway to design and lead a research project in S.E Europe under the Child Trafficking Response Programme. I have been based in Albania since March 2006 and have trained and managed 40 researchers working in 7 countries/state-entities (Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, The U.N Administered Province of Kosovo, Montenegro, Romania and Serbia). Field work with 600 adult and child respondents has been completed in this region. National and regional reports were launched in May and April 2007. Without the Wingate Foundationís support I would not have completed my doctoral thesis or developed the necessary skills required to undertake this position at Save the Children.