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Doctor Sarah Buckler

Nationality: United Kingdom

Year: 2000

Subject Area: Social Sciences

Since completing the PhD which my Wingate Scholarship helped to fund I have been focusing my attention of work in Government in both a local and a national context. My PhD looks at the interactions of Gypsies and Travellers with mainstream service providers. I have since built upon the understandings gained and am now particularly interested in wider equalities and diversity work when it comes to government processes - making sure people from all walks of life and backgrounds and abilities feel able to be involved and make their views known.

Much of my work has to find ways of balancing quantitative data with qualitative data and I have been working with Ipsos-MORI, Demos, the Local Government Association and the Economic and Social Research Councils research methods team on this. This is leading to very interesting developments regarding trust in government and the nature of evidence. I am thinking about writing this work up in a more academic way - if I get the time!