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Doctor Harriet Atkinson

Nationality: United Kingdom

Year: 2004

Subject Area: Arts and Humanities

In 2004 Harriet Atkinson was the recipient of a Wingate Scholarship to support her doctoral research into the exhibitions and events that constituted the Festival of Britain, undertaken in the Royal College of Art (RCA) and Victoria & Albert Museum (V&A)’s joint history of design department. She was awarded the doctorate in December 2006. Recently, she has contributed essays and reviews to Findling & Pelle’s Historical Dictionary of World’s Fairs and Expositions (second edition), the journal Design Issues, a collection in Studies in Twentieth Century Environmental History, Rowman & Littlefield, forthcoming 2007, and Cambridge Architecture Journal: Scroope. While a research student at the RCA, she spoke at several conferences including those in Washington, Berkeley, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Reading, Dublin, Belfast and London. She was co-convenor of a symposium for new research into national and international exhibitions, festivals and world’s fairs held in March 2005 at the V&A.

Photograph: Map of 1951 Festival of Britain Exhibitions and ArtsFestivals, showing nationwide dispersal of events(from Festival of Britain advance information leaflet,HMSO, 1950)