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Professor Malcolm Harrison

Nationality: United Kingdom

Year: 1989

Subject Area: Social Sciences

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When I applied for an award I was a lecturer in Social Policy at Leeds University, and planned to use the funds for empirical research on housing associations and ‘race’. A successful project was developed in northern England, and a monograph followed on black and minority ethnic-run housing associations. This was published with assistance from the Housing Associations Charitable Trust and Federation of Black Housing Associations. The Wingate support was a crucial initial building block in what became a long-term professional commitment at the interface between ethnic relations and housing. Today I am still at Leeds, as Professor of Housing and Social Policy, and remain engaged with ethnicity as well as areas such as disability and housing. In 2005, I led the writing of a book on Housing, ‘Race’ and Community Cohesion, and am currently convenor of the International Research Network on Housing, Ethnicity and Policy (IRNHEP).