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Professor Priscilla Alderson

Nationality: United Kingdom

Year: 1988

Subject Area: Social Sciences

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My 1988 Wingate Scholarship enabled me to write a book based on my PhD about parents' consent to children's heart surgery (Choosing for Children, Oxford University Press, 1990), and to raise funds to research children's consent. I was then invited to join the Social Science Research Unit, Institute of Education, University of London, where I am now a professor. My two books on consent are still among the few studies of how parents and children are involved in healthcare decisions. They have contributed to the broad movement over the past 20 years, which now ensures that the consent of parents and of many children is requested and respected in healthcare and research. I have written over 250 publications, mainly about my research with children, and we run an MA course on children's international rights. I will always be grateful that the Wingate Scholarship opened the door to my academic career.